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Diving in Addu Atoll offers a captivating underwater experience, with diverse dive sites and favorable conditions that cater to both novice and experienced divers. Among the notable dive sites is the British Loyalty Wreck, resting at depths ranging from 16 to 33 meters. This intriguing wreck features two large swim-through holes, allowing divers to traverse from one side to the other. With an average visibility of around 20 meters, divers can explore the deck adorned with blue-fin jack swimming in schools, while small reef fish dance around the coral formations that have developed on the wreck.

Another must-visit location is the Kandu Huraa Region, particularly Shark Point. Located on the northeastern side of Addu, on the outskirts of Hulhumeedhoo, this site offers an awe-inspiring shark dive. As the outside reef descends from 5 to 30 meters, it reveals a sandy plateau spanning approximately 30 meters in width. On this sandy plateau, divers can encounter mesmerizing grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks. For those willing to venture further into deeper depths, larger sharks can be observed in good visibility, adding an element of excitement to the experience.

Manta Point is yet another captivating dive site known for its cleaning station. Divers can witness graceful manta rays being cleaned while passing sharks and a vibrant array of reef fish provide a backdrop of marine life diversity. This dynamic interaction between different species creates an enchanting underwater spectacle that divers will remember for a lifetime.

Whether you seek the thrill of exploring wrecks, encountering majestic sharks, or witnessing the elegant dance of mantas, Addu Atoll's dive sites offer an unforgettable underwater adventure. With excellent visibility, an abundance of marine life, and unique features, diving in Addu Atoll is a must for all diving enthusiasts.